Politeness Allowed at Your Library 4

Politeness Allowed at Your Library

Originally uploaded by Buckham Memorial Library in Faribault

We’re trying a new campaign, taking down all of our “No” signs and replacing them with one that explains “We promise not to shush you if you promise to be considerate of your fellow library users.”

Thanks to Stephen Abram for the heads up!

4 thoughts on “Politeness Allowed at Your Library

  • Susan Mellott

    Much nicer. Although to be honest, I’d like it better if it just said after the Politeness Allowed @ Your Library”” something like “Please be considerate of your fellow library users” or even better, just “Your fellow library users will thank you”.

  • matthew

    i’ve lead an active campaign to remove all signage taped to shelving. this is a clever idea – but i don’t know if i could play along. maybe if it was on demco plastic with engraved letters? *grin*

    i still advocate for consistent signage! its less confusing to the customer. i feel this is more of an attempt at humor than seriousness.

    no one really shushes any more do they??


  • Nathan Curd

    I’m still wondering why you need this type of signage at all. When you go to a restuarant, cafe or any public or social place, there are no signs telling you to behave appropriatley. People know the environment they are in and adjust their behaviour accordingly.
    Informational signage only.

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