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Politeness Allowed at Your Library

Politeness Allowed at Your Library Originally uploaded by Buckham Memorial Library in Faribault We’re trying a new campaign, taking down all of our “No” signs and replacing them with one that explains “We promise not to shush you if you promise to be considerate of your fellow library users.” Thanks to Stephen Abram for the heads up!

Abstract: Modeling the role of blogging in librarianship

Stephens, Michael, Modeling the role of blogging in librarianship. Doctor of Philosophy (Information Science), August 2007, 187 pp., 47 tables, 6 figures, 134 references. This phenomenological study examines the motivations and experiences of librarians who author professionally-focused Weblogs. The researcher constructed a model of librarianship based on Wilson and Buckland. The results show a close fit between librarian bloggers and the ideals of the field as expressed by two primary library and information science philosophers. A Web survey generated 239 responses to demographic and open-ended questions. Using the results of the survey, the researcher analyzed demographic data and performed a […]