A Year of Learning 2.0


Helene Blowers writes:

Anyway, it’s been a fantastic year and the grassroots success of this program has surpassed my wildest dreams. Funny, when I set out to design and develop the program for PLCMC staff, my initial goal was to reach 125 employees. Never did I imagine that in less than a year later, the program would have been adapted or duplicated by nearly 125 different libraries. 🙂

So… Thanks all, for not only seeing the potential that these tools have to bring individuals and communities together, but for actually seizing the opportunity. It’s been amazing to see the library community connecting all over the globe this past year on a similar mission. And I am truly honored to work in a profession that is so generous, collaborative and sharing.

Rock On Helene! One of the most practical, most useful initiatives I’ve seen come out of all of the library goodness of 2006 was Learning 2.0. 🙂