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“We’re too timid, aren’t we?”

At a presentation back in June, a librarian came up to me at a break and said “We’re too timid as a profession, aren’t we?” That really got me thinking – which lead to a discussion with Michael Casey which lead to this edition of “The Transparent Library:” http://www.libraryjournal.com/article/CA6466666.html?industryid=47356 In a seemingly unrelated problem, getting new initiatives off the ground sometimes seems to need an act of God, simply because new services mean change. For some librarians, change represents the potential to fail. For others, it’s a fear of success, that a new service might be too popular and draw […]

Attention Academic Librarians – Don’t Miss These Useful Posts

I go back to school next week! And classes officially begin September 4th! The summer has flown – but there’s still time to read some great posts about innovation and outreach that academic librarians might find most useful. What are the goals for your academic library this year? Increased use? A gathering place for students to collaborate and learn — and create content? Best Facebook Apps for Colleges How might academic librarians use some of these popular apps? 12 Ways to use Facebook Professionally Nice companion to the above. Raising our Game – ideas for the next phase of Gaming […]

A Year of Learning 2.0

http://www.librarybytes.com/2007/08/year-of-learning-20.html Helene Blowers writes: Anyway, it’s been a fantastic year and the grassroots success of this program has surpassed my wildest dreams. Funny, when I set out to design and develop the program for PLCMC staff, my initial goal was to reach 125 employees. Never did I imagine that in less than a year later, the program would have been adapted or duplicated by nearly 125 different libraries. 🙂 So… Thanks all, for not only seeing the potential that these tools have to bring individuals and communities together, but for actually seizing the opportunity. It’s been amazing to see the […]

Blog Post Gold

&tPosts I’ve noted for use in classes, presentations and future writing: Aggregator as Textbook by Will Richardson: I’ve been thinking more and more about my own use of RSS, and trying to reflect on the choices I make in my aggregator. Frankly, I am still amazed that so relatively few people (not just educators) have made RSS a part of their practice, but I wonder if it doesn’t have something to do with how disruptive a technology it is when you really think about it. It changes the traditional information structures in fundamental ways, and it forces us to be […]