Social Grieving

Cindi Trainor shares a personal reflection on loss and grief for a colleague. My thoughts are withher and the staff of her library:

I sat down tonight to write about how cool it is that many of us at EKU are grieving with each other through Facebook. We’re sending hugs and professing our sadness, and while I do take some comfort from seeing these electronic tidbits of humanity, it seems trite now to put it into words, the magic somehow hollowed and lost between seeing and posting.

Instead I hope not to make the same mistake again. Of course the business of libraries is important, but not so important that we should not take care and notice of one another, however small the opportunity.

We don’t know what will happen in the next moment, day, week, so as we continue to learn and dream and innovate in libraries, stop for a moment soon and have some real face time with your colleagues.