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Will Richardson has a nice post rounding up recent articles about schools, students and tech: http://weblogg-ed.com/2007/headlines-from-the-frontlines/ This caught my eye: …Seems the beligerent kids in San Diego schools are actually text messaging during class, admitting to cheating with their phones, and listening to iPods during lectures. Why is that? “Social […]

Those Pesky iPods: Technology and Schools

IMG_0339 Originally uploaded by National Library of New Zealand More cards from New Zealand, via Tim Grieg: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nationallibrarynz/sets/72157601707383805/ Wouldn’t this be a neat way to get user feedback? offer a physical and virtual card that simple says: “In 2017, my library will be…..” Choose the number of years out depending […]

The Centre of the Universe

Library 2.0 Socks Originally uploaded by mstephens7 I owe a lot of folks a hearty THANK YOU for all sorts of assistance and kindness these past few months. One of those folks is Don Yarman, who attended one of my talks this summer in Ohio. I follow his blog and […]

Library 2.0 Socks

http://lblog.jalcorn.net/archives/954-Whats-Wrong-With-Recreation.html Another from the archives. Louise at Librarian’s Rant comments on the blocking of MySpace on public computers at Manatee Library: I guess my ultimate question is what is this policy intended to solve? If it’s a question of equitable time limits on public computers, there are other solutions. Is […]

What’s Wrong with Recreation

I’m prepping reading lists for my Library 2.0 course, and I happened to come back to this by Brian Mathews: http://www.lisjobs.com/newsletter/archives/nov06bmathews.htm His points are all gems, including: Initiate change. We can’t always wait for others to do things; sometimes we have to make changes ourselves. If something is wrong, missing, […]

Those Pesky Silos