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TTW Mailbox: Mark Larson — Crazy times call for crazy organizations

Hey Michael: I'm Mark Larson, former librarian who jumped ship for online publishing (HowStuffWorks.com) and information design. I just finished an old Tom Peters book today, The Tom Peters Seminar: Crazy Times Call for Crazy Organizations. It's over a decade old, but even today the ideas are radical. A number of great lines from the book remind me of the powerful verbs of Library 2.0: listen, re-imagine, change, trust, empower, criticize, grow, stretch, learn… From Peters' book: On culture-The average company, large or small, suffers far more from excess dullness than from excess eccentricity. On executives as change-leaders -Quoting Harry […]


http://blog.mash.yahoo.com/ YAHOO! announces a new social networking site. My questions: how will it tie into Flickr? How will Mash compare to the coolness of Facebook? (looks like they will have a “growing gallery of apps”)