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Maybe the muse speaks most clearly when we examine the policies and rules that have built up over time in some of our institutions. Maybe that makes it easier for the dreams and inspiration to come into focus…. Read the whole post at

There’s promise in the air…

Group Discussion Originally uploaded by mstephens7 I can pontificate in the classroom for sure (“he’s STILL talking..”) but I think it’s more effective to turn the discussion/thinking/outcomes over to the students as much as possible. Here’s Wednesday night’s discussion assignment based on Chapter 5 of Library 2.0 A Guide to […]

Group Discussion: One group jumped online to IM a local ...

Measuring a phenomenon requires attention to reliability and validity. I used John Creswell’s Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Approaches (2nd Edition) as a valuable guide to the process. Creswell noted the need for validating qualitative research and describes several primary strategies of doing so, including triangulation, member-checking, use […]

Modeling the Role of Blogging in Librarianship: Your Blogging Journey