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Telling the Library’s Story: A TTW Fave

David Lee King emailed and asked me for some quotes/thoughts on telling stories in the library for his forthcoming book — a chapter on Community-Focused Digital Experience. In looking back I didn’t realize that the “telling stories” theme had been running through my work. Here’s a few of my favorites. From Ten Ways to Create buy-in from my 2006 Library Tech report: #3 Tell Stories I’ve talked about this a lot: one way for libraries to promote their value and relevance is to tell the library’s story every chance you get. Beyond daunting columns of statistics, users — and […]

TTW Goes to AUSTRALIA 2008

Sydney Harbor w/ bridge and opera house Originally uploaded by jessamyn I don’t have all the details yet, but I’m tickled to announce I just ironed out the details for a speaking trip around Australia in February and March 2008! I’m thrilled to no end to visit the land down under – where so many cool library things are happening. As it stands now, we’ll start in Sydney and move roughly west (Melbourne-Adelaide-Perth), then back east through Alice Springs to finish in Brisbane. I just bought the tickets today. We’re also making a bit of a celebratory trip now that […]

Group Discussion: One group jumped online to IM a local library

Group Discussion Originally uploaded by mstephens7 I can pontificate in the classroom for sure (“he’s STILL talking..”) but I think it’s more effective to turn the discussion/thinking/outcomes over to the students as much as possible. Here’s Wednesday night’s discussion assignment based on Chapter 5 of Library 2.0 A Guide to Participatory Library Service by Michael Casey and Laura Savastinuk, InfoToday, 2007: LIS768 Stephens Discussion Questions: Participatory Service & The Long TailGroup Work 1: Each group will select a library service for your type of library. In a few minutes of brainstorming, rework the service to be a Library 2.0 service […]

Collect 12 & Win!

ester trading card Originally uploaded by champaign_librarian The Champaign Public Library is using these trading cards to get to know our middle school clients. If the student collects 12 different cards, he or she wins a prize.

Modeling the Role of Blogging in Librarianship: Your Blogging Journey

Measuring a phenomenon requires attention to reliability and validity. I used John Creswell’s Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Approaches (2nd Edition) as a valuable guide to the process. Creswell noted the need for validating qualitative research and describes several primary strategies of doing so, including triangulation, member-checking, use of rich, thick description, clarification of the bias of the researcher, presentation of negative or discrepant information, peer debriefing, use of an external auditor, and prolonged time in the field of study (p. 196). For my study, I chose to clarify my own biases, detail my prolonged participation in the […]

TTW Mailbox: PBWiki Presenter Packs & Flickr’ing History

LeAnn Suchy, Reference & Information Literacy Librarian at the College of St. Benedict/St. John’s University Clemens Library in St. Joseph, Minnesota writes: I was one of the people attending your speech at the MN Library 2.0 Summit in Roseville on the 14th of this month. I mentioned information about PBwiki and you asked me to write you a little blurb about it for your blog, so here is the information I know: PBwiki, an easy-to-use, free wiki program, wants to make presenting information about wikis even easier. If you’re giving a presentation about how to use PBwiki or wikis in […]

Librarians in Smocks – Shush 2.0

Librarians in Smocks – Shush 2.0 Originally uploaded by CCL Staff Those smocks! checkout the fun some New Zealand librarians are having with Flickr showing off the smocks used in the 70s to protect clothes from dust. Thanks to Brenda Chawner for the link.

Modeling the Role of Blogging in Librarianship: Librarian, Why Do You Blog?

Some folks have asked about my dissertation. Last I heard it’s number 85 in line for the university reader. So I thought I’d share one of the sections here. This is the analysis of the question “Why do you blog?” To share information or insight Sharing is important to the blogging librarians who responded. For this category, 76 respondents had this response, which is 40% of the total. A prevalent word in this answer set was sharing. Respondents used phrases such as “to contribute to the profession,” “to serve the profession,” and “to inspire.” Two types of information seemed to […]

5 Reasons Why I Love The Photos at Bookspace 1. It taps into the user-generated content trend. 2. It extends the presence of the library out into a thriving social space. 3. It demonstrates how to easily set up a photo sharing extension of the library – complete with a brief disclaimer. 4. It gets folks to think about what book they would want to pose with. 5. It seamlessly allows patrons to participate with the library in building a unique view of what the library is about. Thanks Hennepin!