Thanks Jenimi!

Thanks Jenimi!

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I received this lovely card at the lake this weekend — from Jennifer Graham. It was a Thank You but also a reminder to get out where the Wild Things are. That’s a good reminder to get sometimes!

I always watch for synchronicity in things – this time it comes with Karen’s post about leaving ALA TechSource blog.

When I turned 40 I could imagine that I was not halfway through my life; I can see myself living well into my 80s. But at the half-century mark, I’m far more acutely aware that time is a finite resource.

Time is finite. The wild things await. Make sure you are balancing all you do here — in the Biblioblogosphere and in your careers — with time spent caring for yourself, those you love, and the world. Time away to reflect, recharge and reacquaint yourself with what you might be missing is healthy.

Third piece of the synchronicity-full day? This post via digg: