LIS768: IM Assignment

Dear IM Librarians of the world. If you hear from one of my students in the next few days and you have time, please chat with them! I will really appreciate it!

Topic: IM

“There is much greater opportunity to bring service to wherever potential users of library service happen to be.” Michael Buckland

Readings Due:

Buckland, Chapter 9: The Challenge

Schmidt, A. IM Talking Points

Schmidt, A. & Stephens, M. IM me. Library Journal, Retrieved April 1, 2005 from

Stephens, Embedding a librarian in Your Web Site with Meebo


From the readings and your own reflection, create a short list of interview questions for an IM-ing Librarian. What do you want to know about such a service? For sure, ask about evaluation of the IM service and how the library integrated it into workflow. Create an IM screename or Meebo account to conduct your brief interview.

Then explore

Choose a library and IM the librarian — be courteous. If they can chat about your questions at that time – great! if not ask for a time you might IM with them that’s more convenient.

Post your questions, a brief summary of your interview, and your thoughts on IM in libraries to your blog by October 17. This will count for your weekly posting for the week of October 10. Please email me with any questions.