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The Complete Conference Handouts for LITA Annual

The Complete Conference Handouts for LITA Annual Originally uploaded by Adventures in Librarianship NICE! I would love to see this for more conferences. The secret important ingredient? A laptop! I will always advocate for libraries to provide their librarians with laptops whenever possible and encourage those laptop librarians to carry them as much as possible. Oops – another secret ingredient: FREE CONFERENCE WIFI!

LIS768: IM Assignment

Dear IM Librarians of the world. If you hear from one of my students in the next few days and you have time, please chat with them! I will really appreciate it! Topic: IM “There is much greater opportunity to bring service to wherever potential users of library service happen to be.” Michael Buckland Readings Due: Buckland, Chapter 9: The Challenge Schmidt, A. IM Talking Points Schmidt, A. & Stephens, M. IM me. Library Journal, Retrieved April 1, 2005 from http://www.libraryjournal.com/article/CA512192 Stephens, Embedding a librarian in Your Web Site with Meebo Assignment: From the readings and your own reflection, create […]