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Rob's Tip #2

Allow me to direct you to Rob Coers’ presentation from Internet Librarian International 2007:

It’s a great, concise presentation with a list of five tips to get started with social tools lin libraries. I’m fond of the one above – Rob believes that 20% of employees are never going to be happy with innovation and change. He advocates on focusing on the other 80%, made up of early adoptors and followers. We riffed on the same topic at last ILI last year and I’m glad Rob is carrying his thinking forward. What do you think?

One thought on “Focus on the Positive

  • jessamyn

    I think it sounds about right BUT, you still have to work with that 20% and so you still need to have some sort of strategy to deal with them and their unhappiness lest they infect other people and/or the patrons. What do you do?

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