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Focus on the Positive

Allow me to direct you to Rob Coers’ presentation from Internet Librarian International 2007: http://www.robcoers.nl/weblog-artikelen/internet-librarian-international-2007.html It’s a great, concise presentation with a list of five tips to get started with social tools lin libraries. I’m fond of the one above – Rob believes that 20% of employees are never going to be happy with innovation and change. He advocates on focusing on the other 80%, made up of early adoptors and followers. We riffed on the same topic at last ILI last year and I’m glad Rob is carrying his thinking forward. What do you think?

Managing Your Online Identity

Michael C. Habib writes: MySpace, Facebook, and other Web 2.0 tools led TIME to name you, yes, you, 2006 Person of the Year. With such notoriety, you might want to see what your online identity says about you. What do potential employers and friends find when they google you? When was the last time you googled yourself? What impression do your MySpace profile and YouTube videos leave? Your blog? What do other people say about you? How much control do you have over what is written about you on the web? Read the whole article here: http://www.libraryjournal.com/article/CA6486511.html

Hawaii Dress Code!

You’ve got to like a conference where they send you this: Although HLA will not be policing dress codes, people often ask me “What should I wear?” So, here are a few guidelines: For both presenter and participants, resort casual attire is appropriate. Resort Casual Attire Ladies – walking shorts, casual slacks, blouse, sandals Gentlemen – walking or bermuda shorts, casual slacks, collared shirt, sandals I can’t wait!

Okay Indiana Libraries – GO FOR IT!

http://www.libraryjournal.com/article/CA6482510.html LibLime, the Athens, OH-based vendor offering open-source ILS solutions, recently signed large contracts with the Indiana Cooperative Library Services Authority (INCOLSA) and the Central Kansas Library System. INCOLSA will be using LibLime’s services for the Indiana Shared Library Catalog (ISLC), a multitype resource sharing network composed of 30 member libraries including an art museum, the Indiana Supreme Court Library, and public and school libraries throughout the state. LibLime said its Koha ZOOM solution will provide ISLC members with “a shared integrated library automation system, including a web-based union catalog and integrated circulation, acquisitions, and serials control modules.” The ISLC […]

Ponder This….

..about the future of the library Web site: Facebook is the 5th most valuable US Internet company. Use of the library web site by college students has DROPPED over 50% in the last two years. 1% of information seekers start at the library Web site. I think it’s time the Web Redesign Team at Anytown/Anycollege Library that has been meeting these past few months stopped and seriously considered what this means. Shouldn’t part of that time and energy be focused on emerging societal trends? Web trends? User needs? How can we better position the library’s resources online? How can we […]

Nominate a Mover & Shaker

The deadline has been extended to November 15, 2007: http://libraryjournal.com/info/CA606274.html The editors of Library Journal need your help in identifying the emerging leaders in the library world. Our seventh annual Movers & Shakers supplement will profile 50-plus up-and-coming individuals from across the United States and Canada who are innovative, creative, and making a difference. From librarians to vendors to others who work in the library field, Movers & Shakers 2008 will celebrate the new professionals who are moving our libraries ahead.

Cultivating Your Networks

I’ve been following Adam Levine’s speaking tour of Australia with much interest: http://cogdogroo.wordpress.com/ This recent post about a presentation seemed a bit familiar: I did have an unhappy participant in the front of the room. When I get to the section of the talk on “The Internet is Really Big”, it was the Technorati slide on growth of the blogosphere that put her in motion. Hand goes up: “What is blogging? Why does it matter to me?” I really the questions of interruption, but was hoping I did not have to explain what a blog was- a simple web creation […]

OCLC Report: FRL Executive Summary

Thanks Karen! While I wait for my hard copy to arrive, I really appreciated this post: http://freerangelibrarian.com/2007/10/24/oclcs-report-on-privacy-and-trust-the-nut-graf/ The general public respondents are more likely to have used a social networking or social media site (28%) than to have searched for or borrowed items from a library Web site (20%). [What! Is this report suggesting social networks might be more visible, available, and engaging than library catalogs?] The percentage of Internet users that have used a library Web site has decreased. Library Web site use declined from 30% of respondents in Canada, the U.K. and the U.S. in 2005 to 20% […]

SMS to IM Reference

http://librarianinblack.typepad.com/librarianinblack/2007/10/library-referen.html I stumbled upon this page from the American University Library showing their IM reference options, including a MeeboMe widget and a SMS to IM service (I’m sure that I saw it on somebody’s blog, or on some listserv — sorry, I don’t remember where). They have created an SMS to IM service where users can text a message to a particular number and include the word “askaulibrary” in their message. Nifty! Is anyone else doing this? Glad for this link. And isn’t it amazing how IM and SMS Reference keeps popping up, making inroads into our service models?