See You in Monterey!

Internet Librarian 2003 Monterey CA

Internet Librarian 2007 is upon us! This is my sixth year at this incredible showcase of innovative thinking, networking opportunities and FUN.

Please don’t miss the Public Libraries track on Monday, October 29th! This track focuses on planning, people, and participation. It explores the shift toward patron involvement, librarians building resources for collaboration and communication, and how public libraries (PLs) are changing to meet the needs of the plugged-in, socially networked user. Organized and moderated by Jenny Levine, The Shifted Librarian, & Michael Stephens, Dominican University

AND the last 45 min or so of the day will offer an expert panel of the day’s speakers, fielding questions from the audience. Don’t miss this chance to interact, ask a question, and share your thoughts!

On Tuesday, I’m honored to be presenting with Sarah Houghton-Jan during a session called How to Lose Your New Tech Librarian & Tech Training Tips.

Please say HI if you are attending!