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Party On

Don’t miss the compendium of links related to libraries and librarians parties: http://marylaine.com/party.html We all know that librarians are not the prototypical sensible-shoes-wearing little ladies with buns, but did you have any idea how much fun we can be? Here’s a collection of news stories I’ve assembled about some image-busting librarians and the imaginative parties, programs, competitions, and stunts they’ve staged for their communities. To get an idea of what I had to say in this presentation, see my column, “Party People,” http://marylaine.com/exlibris/xlib307.html.

Facebook Changes (UPDATED)

Via the Facebook Blog and Nicole Engard: We noticed people wanted to connect with their favorite music, restaurants, and brands; but there was no good place for these types of affiliations to exist. Now, there is a place for them and you can become a fan of whatever pages you choose in order to interact with your passions in new ways. You can post reviews for a local restaurant, buy tickets to a new movie, or be the first to get a heads up about new promotions. Nicole asks the question: Does this include libraries? I know there was some […]