Facebook Changes (UPDATED)

Via the Facebook Blog and Nicole Engard:

We noticed people wanted to connect with their favorite music, restaurants, and brands; but there was no good place for these types of affiliations to exist. Now, there is a place for them and you can become a fan of whatever pages you choose in order to interact with your passions in new ways. You can post reviews for a local restaurant, buy tickets to a new movie, or be the first to get a heads up about new promotions.

Nicole asks the question:

Does this include libraries? I know there was some fuss a while back when library accounts were deleted from Facebook – maybe now there is a way for us to have pages for our libraries.

My question too! I hope the library “brand” can have a presence in this new means of putting people together. The Facebook blog does not mention organizations, institutions or non-profits, but I hope they are included.

If anyone finds out more, let us know!


Stacey Greenwell comments:

I created a Facebook Page for the University of Kentucky Libraries this morning. This has absolutely made my day, as I was one who complained loudly when Facebook removed all the library profiles.

Get this–when you create a Facebook Page, one of the categories is “Library/Public Building.” Woo-hoo!!

It gets better–you can add your hours and videos as well as the usual photos, wall, and discussion board. My favorite part–your “friends” are FANS! Consider being a fan of UK Libraries:


To create a Facebook Page, when logged in, click on the Business link across the bottom of page. That page will give you a link to Facebook Pages.

Excellent! Let’s see some more library Facebook profiles. I am going to be very interested to see what folks dream up.