The 10 Worst Consumer Tech Trends

Great Top Ten List at PC World Canada. Includes mention of closed source technology, DRM and over-promising and under-delivering.

Also includes this gem that made me ponder:

8. Fanboys
The definition of fanboy (or fangirl) is an individual who harbours a fanatic devotion to something without logical reason. In the case of consumer technology, it can be applied to a situation where a person’s self-esteem and sense of self-worth is attached the success of a particular product or brand. Whatever happened to just buying the best product? Instead, consumer technology buyers are broken into hostile camps: Apple vs. Windows, PlayStation vs. Xbox, iPod vs. everything else. Read an article about a Windows product and you can count on a few Mac users showing up and leaving snarky comments about how much they love OS X. Why do people feel such fierce loyalty to a corporation? You can rest assured the corporation doesn’t feel the same level of loyalty towards you.