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Claire Obrecht, Education/Collection Development Librarian at the Schaumburg Township District Library writes: Michael: Really enjoyed your latest presentation at STDL – had heard your previous talk there as well. I spoke to you about the experimental station at our Woodfield Post Office. Apparently it is pretty much a big secret […]

TTW Mailbox: Post Office 2.0

http://www.pcworld.ca/Pages/NewsColumn.aspx?id=3502a6180a010408008b33e8c209b786 Great Top Ten List at PC World Canada. Includes mention of closed source technology, DRM and over-promising and under-delivering. Also includes this gem that made me ponder: 8. Fanboys The definition of fanboy (or fangirl) is an individual who harbours a fanatic devotion to something without logical reason. In […]

The 10 Worst Consumer Tech Trends

http://www.underconsideration.com/brandnew/archives/flip_flip_flip_goes_the_librar.php Darien Library’s new logo is written up at a branding blog: When you think of public libraries — that glorious old book smell, the studious people learning something new, the kind of light that is rarely found anywhere else, the challenge of judging books by their spine — their […]

The Evolution of a Library Logo

http://sospl.blogspot.com/ Dear Michael: I want to tell you about my new blog. Aside from the standard issues that Librarians face here in Indiana we have a new one that has the potential for disastrous consequences for small public libraries here in Indiana. A large issue, which I feel is being […]

TTW Mailbox: Save Our Small Libraries – A Blog from ...