TTW Mailbox: Post Office 2.0

Post Office 2.0

Claire Obrecht, Education/Collection Development Librarian at the Schaumburg Township District Library writes:

Really enjoyed your latest presentation at STDL – had heard your previous talk there as well. I spoke to you about the experimental station at our Woodfield Post Office. Apparently it is pretty much a big secret – as nothing has yet appeared on the USPS website about it – even though it has been open for about 2 months. Rather strange that they aren’t publicizing it.  Here is an article from our local newspaper the Daily Herald.

Visit post office of the future in Schaumburg:

Attached are two PDF files of the front and back of the brochure that your personal postal greeter gives you at the door before walking you through your own “postal experience” in their Retail Learning Lab.

(The post office map is produced above)

Thanks Claire! From the news article, this quote that resonates with me: “This is a new way to serve our customer’s needs,” said Postal Service spokesman Tim Ratliff. “They know when they come in, they’re going to get expert service.” That’s what libraries have been providing all along – expert service.