Dublin City Public Libraries Portal with PageFlakes 4

DCPL Portal

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Eddie Byrne writes:

The portal page I have created which will be the default home page on all the public access PCs in Dublin City Public Libraries. Approved as of today! This is a sneak preview! A Web 2.0 success, it is Pageflakes-based, simple, yet ideal, serving our users and the library service in equal measure. Customisable, PC independent, and satisfying multiple requirements.

SEE www.pageflakes.com/dublincitypubliclibraries/

This is incredible! Look closely, check out what’s been included, and add this to the mix of how you might create a start page for your user computers. Well done!

4 thoughts on “Dublin City Public Libraries Portal with PageFlakes

  • kittent

    The flakes page is interesting. I just did a webjunction webinar and one of the tools the presenter mentioned was pageflakes.

    It looks fairly adaptable, but I’m used to igoogle.

  • Simon Chamberlain

    Well spotted Micheal. Something to run past the Emerging Technologies Committee, for sure.

  • Elise

    If you had more effectively incorporated a visual hierarchy, it wouldn’t feel so overwhelming. I find it way too busy, nothing stands out. Too much visual noise. There’s nothing here for the eye to land on besides your images in the top left box. Give me a resting place!

    Certainly we all have lots of information to present. But it’s not a solution to throw all your information at your users at once.

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