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Practicing Social Distance but Staying Connected to the World Through My Phone

A Listening to Student Voices post by SJSU School of Information student Rosa Conrad. As we began the month of March, I wonder now if any person in the U.S. realized how quickly the Covid-19 would be impacting our lives within such short time. It hasn’t been just health care workers and doctors, food chains, elementary schools, public and academic libraries, universities, and small business owners who have felt the impact this Corona Virus. Many stood in line to grab necessities and loaded shopping carts with massive amounts of toilet paper, paper towels, and water. The next wave hit us […]

Johnson County’s Human Face of the Library

From Office Hours “Reflective Practice:” PUTTING A FACE ON THE LIBRARY This reminds me that the library should be human. It means that behind the keyboard, behind the blog, and behind the Facebook page, there’s a person ready to have a conversation: ready to help, ready to listen. For example, New Zealand’s Christchurch City Libraries’ Twitter page includes the photos of all of the official “tweeters” for the library. I toured Christchurch recently. The city suffered in the earthquakes of 2010 and 2011. The libraries there adapted, sometimes changing locations, sometimes working in adverse conditions. Through it all, there has continued […]

Telling Our Stories – A Lifelong Resource

The Value of Public Libraries – Telling Our Stories – Video Initiative Chatham-Kent Public Library is celebrating Ontario Seniors Month with the release of a very special video. This video features Una Miklos, a Blenheim Senior who describes the important role libraries have played in her life. The public library is a lifelong resource for members of the community. Chatham Kent Public Library staff will debut this video at the Municipal Council meeting on Monday, June 9  2014. This video is part of a series that Chatham-Kent Public Library will be launching this year recognizing and celebrating all populations who […]

Fair Use is in the Eye of the Beholder…or Not by TTW Contributor Troy Swanson

I have a decent understanding of copyright and the process of determining fair use, but I didn’t have a good understanding of how YouTube enforces and adjudicates copyright disputes. I’ll own up to my naiveté, but even after acknowledging this, I am still troubled by YouTube’s approach to copyright enforcement. I thought about titling this post, “I Fought the Law and the Law Won,” but the problem is that this whole thing isn’t really about the law at all. In YouTube Land, it doesn’t really matter if your use of copyrighted material falls under fair use or not. What matters […]

New San Rafael Library Web Site

Sarah Houghton writes: I’m pleased to announce that last week we launched a new website for San Rafael Public Library at The site was designed by Influx with their Prefab library website service. We are very happy with it! Our library is relatively small and we don’t have the time or staff brain bandwidth or expertise to design, maintain, troubleshoot, and host a website. We were happy to hire Influx to do this work for us. For very little money a whole lot of pressure and stress has been relieved from our collective library brain. So far, we’ve gotten some really fabulous […]

Embracing Creativity and Play at CityLibraries Townsville

Warren Cheetham writes: I am very proud of this, because it’s taken a cultural change of about five years to allow something like this video to be produced. How so? Digital storytelling is relatively cheap and easy to do, using the tools that most people carry with them each day – tablets, digital cameras and smart phones. Encouraging staff to take time to play with those devices at work has taken a lot of encouragement and support. It was seen as something outside of the ‘real job’ and the idea of taking work time to play seemed a bit wrong. […]