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DOK Delft offers iPod Touch

DOK Delft offers iPod Touch Originally uploaded by mstephens7 http://www.dok.info/index.php?cat=nieuwsitems&nieuws_id=222 I don’t think Babelfish got this translation right: Now get acquainted with newest technology! Always and everywhere listen to music and very sharply films examine, but you can with these IPod also Hertzian at. You serve him by moving your fingers concerning the baffle. For only one euro per day you obtain the neusje of the salmon in house for a first familiarisation. Course at music & film department and question to the leenvoorwaarden.

Libraries or Starbucks Stores?

____________ _______ made a point of being wherever you are. They have a tremendous, almost inescapable, presence in countless, high-traffic neighborhoods. Yet they’re also somewhat cutting-edge, not just in how they treat their employees or in their gutsy (if questionable) expansion tactics, but also in their efforts to stay relevant. This is evidenced in such ventures as adding Wi-Fi connections for customers…. To find out which: click here. We discussed this last night in LIS701 as part of trendspotting/Library 2.0 module.

I’m Dotty!

dottymichael Originally uploaded by Dave & Bry Thanks to Dave Pattern for the dot treatment. Check out Kathryn and Jessamyn too. The word effect is incredible! Dave – can you do my Stonehenge pic like that? http://www.daveyp.com/blog/index.php/archives/268/