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Darien is Assembling a Powerhouse Staff

This just in: http://www.blyberg.net/2007/12/10/a-loose-cannon-in-darien/ Kate Sheehan will join Darien Library as Head of Knowledge and Innovation Services on March 1, 2008. She is currently Coordinator of Library Automation at Danbury Library, blogs at loosecannonlibrarian.net, is an active speaker on Library 2.0 and social software initiatives, and has gained national recognition for implementing the first LibraryThing plug-in to a library catalog. I’ve said it before and I will say it again: watch what Darien Library does very closely. The new building and staff will exemplify a true model of innovation and planning for public libraries. And get a load of that […]


Stephen Abram points to the Dec. 2007 issue of Trendwatching offering their top 8 consumer trends for 2008. 1. Status Spheres 2. Premiumization 3. Snack Culture 4. Online Oxygen 5. Eco-Iconic 6. Brand Butlers 7. MIY – Make It Yourself 8. Crowd Mining Great stuff to be mined by library staff, as Stephen points out, and by LIS students. We did our trendspotting exercise last night, and the workgroups pointed to such trends as ubiquitous handheld devices, green libraries, and microblogging.

Manage This: Policy!

Great post at “Manage This” about library policy: http://managethis.informationcentre.ca/?p=50 Barbara Kelly shares some thoughts about Starbucks and libraries: So what am I saying here with these little Starbucks’ vignettes (other than wow, am I ever a demanding customer)? Well these situations bring to mind that: Policy guides us in what we do to serve the community, such as how hot the coffee should be and what to do with well meaning donations of National Geographic Policy guides our decisions when we are faced with situations such as using the wrong coffee bag or extending internet time Policy serves our mission […]

Conversation at the Social Customer Manifesto

What a perfect tie in to our work in LIS701 last night. A few students shared stories that I just couldn’t believe of policies and rules at their institutions and the lack of human conversation that surrounded them. http://www.socialcustomer.com/2007/12/conversation-is.html My take: “Conversation” is just that…communication between actual human beings. This process of real conversation happens millions of times, and is only successful when the interactions are real and genuine, transparent and truthful. Conversation is the “root act” that creates transformation. Read the whole post to see how conversations can start, not with marketing speak or floods of messages but naturally. […]

Rethinking Education in a Networked World

From the brilliant danah boyd: We all care about education and helping youth learn, but why do we only value push mechanisms? As media opens up a culture of osmosis and makes pulling information fun, youth are increasingly disconnected from the world of push. More problematically, because parents and teachers are invested in vetting information and discouraging all other information access, we are failing to teach our youth how to evaluate, interpret, and assess the information that they pull or that which falls out of the sky. In other words, they are completely media illiterate. Unless you’re a marketer seeking […]

Have you checked out ilovelibraries.org?

http://www.ilovelibraries.org/ Via the ALA Marginalia blog: http://discuss.ala.org/marginalia/2007/12/10/ola-the-first-100-days/ ilovelibraries.org, an advocacy website launched in June 2007, continues to develop. On average, the site receives over 60,000 page views monthly–and in September, ilovelibraries drove more traffic to Booklist Online than Google™ searches! As a result of efforts by the Chapter Relations Office and the Chapter Relations Committee, 25 state chapters are now using Capwiz advocacy software, which allows viewers (members and the general public) to contact state and national legislators via Ilovelibraries.org. Special 2010 funding will allow the remaining chapters to use this software. Further discussion among Chapter Relations, Washington Office and […]