TTW’s Year in First Sentences

A nice meme to cap the year via Kathryn Greenhill:

December: Last night in LIS701: Introduction to Library and Information Science, we discussed our five “context” books.

November: Have you seen these jobs open at the Public Library of Charlotte Mecklenburg County?

October: I was honored to be asked by Brian Kelly to write a guest post for his blog UK Web Focus.

September: What a great way to welcome students back to the university library!

August: I keep coming back to this post “I didn’t get an MLS to do that.”

July: I’ve been watching for the first reports of iPhones accessing library Web resources.

June: TTW Guest Author Dr. Kate Marek: In keeping with Michael’s tradition in TTW, I’d like to use my posting opportunity to call your attention to a fascinating new technology that has just been unveiled.

May: TTW Guest Author Lee LeBlanc: This offer came about because of this. I started talking to Michael about some pretty serious (serious to me that is) ideas I have about libraries, information, college students, and leadership.

April: Wowza but time flies! Thanks to all the folks who read and comment — and inspire me!

March:Please vote for Jim Rettig for ALA president on March 15.

February: It’s true! Jaap and Erik are coming!

January: I’m a tad dumb-founded over this…

(Disclaimer: I included a little bit more than one sentence in some to give better context – did I violate the meme? Also, I didn’t count Flickr “Blog This” entries and the like because those didin’t include my own words (or official TTW guest author words..))