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Dr. Curtis Rogers just bought a MacBook (hooray!) and he describes the customer service at the Apple Store:

 I kept on looking for her to walk me to the back of the store to the check out counter but that was not the case. Another guy came up and while she went to grab my new MacBook, he checked my ID so I would get the State Government discount and with a handheld device, processed the sale.  I NEVER moved! He swiped my card right there, I signed his handheld device and was good to go.  What a great experience!!!  Why can’t libraries do this?  I know, the first answer is “lack of funds”, but there are some things that lack of funds has nothing to do with.  How about come out from behind the desk and do roving reference.  Ask patrons what they need help with. Take them to the shelves and show them areas to browse.  If you do have the funds, get handheld devices that let you browse your card catalog and the web so while roving, you can answer questions on the spot!  Go to an Apple store and take notes.  Make changes in how you do business and you’ll get more people to come into the library! 

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  • Anonymous

    This assumes that most librarians don’t “come out from behind the desk and do roving reference. Ask patrons what they need help with. Take them to the shelves and show them areas to browse.” Seems our profession is still dogged by that sterotype of the mousy librarian, nose-in-book, with a less-than-helpful attitude.

  • Matt Gullett

    Interesting that you should mention this, for this past Monday afternoon I was in the local Apple Store here in Charlotte. It was early afternoon and there were 10-15 customers in the store with 20 staff working the floor asking questions, teaching and doing the genius thing. Imagine that kind of service in a library space that is really not that much larger than a small retail outlet in a mall or strip mall. Yeah, there is the profit motive and all, but come on folks there is something happening there on the customer level and the service level that we need to work on.

  • Edo

    The fun thing is, these are Windows mobile operated PDA’s. When I was in Vegas and tried to buy Leopard, the only thing that didn’t work was that PDA 😉
    For the rest: Librarians don’t sit behind a desk giving people the answer. Sit or stand beside them, and solve their question side by side. In the mean time explain and coach. The next time they can do it themselves! One on one medialiteracy, very effective.

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