I’ve been waiting for this…. Blogging Directors 7

Salt Lake

Helene Blowers blogs that the Salt Lake City Public Library is looking for a director, including:

…application instructions for the newly reopened Salt Lake City Public Library’s director search — Your application “package should include a paper resume and directions to your digital presence, blog, or social networking Web site” — you can definitely see a shift is occurring.

In my presentations for the last year or so I’ve been talking about the shift in LIS jobs and urging folks to get ready for the time when director or administrative duties will including use of social tools. That time is here! Thanks Helene.

7 thoughts on “I’ve been waiting for this…. Blogging Directors

  • Sarah

    The funny thing is… that Salt Lake City Public is not with the blogs or the wikis or the IM….. And they need to be.

    I’m glad to see they are looking to get with the program.

    They need a leader who makes this a priority…

    That said… Nancy Tessman was a fantastic director and that whole library rocks.

  • WDL

    i’d like to know how many directors can even blog…..its scarey that people can’t even grasp that bit of 2.0 and they run the places.

    but yeah for me. i run my library now, and I do blog…so no worries.


  • John Fudrow

    I love that this is finally happening. I have been including my blog on my resume since I started posting. I love that our passion for critical professional thought is actually being weighed in our value. Awesome.

  • Julie McKenna

    I too am glad to see this happening. Our library had a great review recently of our social networking approach by a MLIS student at UBC . I am the Deputy Director and have my own internal blog. We are very supportive of the approach in our organization. We are also lucky to have staff who are enthusiastic about both creating and supporting the environment that will enable us to reach patrons in the social networking environment.

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