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(I realized some of the old TTW content was lost in the move. I’ll be posting a few downloads, etc to get them back up. This was a handout I used in blogging workshops 2005-2007))

Blogger’s Toolkit: Evaluating LIS Weblogs

Use Librarian’s Tools:

This is similar to evaluating sites for reference and inclusion on subject list. Questions to ponder when adding blogs to your aggregator or recommending them to colleagues:

• Author: Who is the blog author? Is that information easily accessible? Where do they work?

• Purpose: What’s the mission or goal of the blog? Is it stated? Is it a commercial venture masquerading as an informative site?

• Currency: How often are posts made? When was the last one?

• Objectivity: Is there a bias present?

• Depth: What’s the scope or level of substance? Are the posts essays? Links to other blogs that might be better?

Dr. Laurel Clyde, Weblogs & Libraries 2004:

Clyde addresses similar criteria as above and includes Web specific concerns:

• Does the blog have an appropriate format?

• Is it well organized?

• How attractive are the pages? The front page? The archives?

• Is it easy to navigate? Can you find your way back to the top page easily?

• Does it work in all browsers on all platforms?

• Has it been usability tested? Does it meet accessibility guidelines such as section 508?

• Do the links work and do they seem relevant?

• Is the order of postings useful? (Reverse chronological? Chronological? By subject?)

• Is there a method of interacting with the author? Comments? E-Mail? IM?

• Is there an RSS feed and is it easy to find? Does it work?

(Clyde, 2004, Weblogs and Libraries, Chandos Publishing, 28-31)

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