TTW Guest Post: Cell Phone Sign at Loyola

Dominican GSLS Student Katharine Johnson writes:

Last weekend I had the pleasure of joining LISSA (Dominican University’s library student group) for a tour of Loyola University’s new Information Commons located on their Lake Shore Campus.  In short, the place is incredible.  A bookless extension of their library, whoa!  Three floors of computer terminals, many of which are located on long tables to encourage group study and/or spreading out all your books.  Tall ceilings, bright work spaces, fully wired, completely green, and a breathtaking frozen-lake view.

The first two floors encourage discussion among students, the third floor is considered the quiet floor and asks for all cell phones to be turned off.  I discovered this sign, which I found to be a bit avant-garde for any library, though it fit so well in context.

Loyola Sign