Thank You for Not Cutting or gluing 3

ASU design library

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3 thoughts on “Thank You for Not Cutting or gluing

  • Michelle

    I have no idea what or why this sign would even exist. Were people sniffing the glue and cutting off their fingers? Is glue and scissors considered dangerous?

  • Alan Kirk Gray

    I don’t know, maybe if I put those tables in, I wouldn’t want anyone to ruin the finish, but I bet I could be direct in asking that users respect them.

    BTW, the picture/painting on the back right wall looks kind of interesting. Arizona-Highways-like?

  • Michael Baird

    Since it’s a design library I can see that it might be tempting to do model/construction work right there where the resources are located. Kind of a funny sign when taken out of context. 🙂 Capitalization is a little…wonky.

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