Monthly Archives: April 2008

LJ Reports: As with graphic novels, public libraries have been one of the greatest champions of putting gaming materials into the public’s awaiting hands. The American Library Association (ALA) is responding to requests from its constituents for more gaming suppliers on the show floor at its conferences by introducing a Gaming […]

ALA Gaming Ramps Up!

But Web 2.0 is about much more than the technology—it’s about a change in focus to participation, user control, sharing, openness, and networking. Mike Eisenberg, Dean Emeritus and Professor, University of Washington, Seattle offers a balanced, thoughtful look at emerging technologies and libraries: Consider this passage on social networking: […]

The Parallel Information Universe

1 Phil Bradley explains that he’s doing his work at a public library in the UK for a while. Currently, the library is renovating the space where he used to sit, so he’s sitting in a different place for the day: (emphasis mine) About 13.00 a librarian comes up to […]

Sutton leading the way on unhelpfulness? Connections are Everything. This isn’t just personal connections, although as you go through school, read online, join groups and such, the personal connections you make are central to your success in life. My connectivity to individuals in libraries around the world have made me better at what I do […]

Passion Quilt from Jason Griffey