TICER Summer School

Wow! It’s been two years since Jenny Levine and I served on the faculty at the TICER institute in Tilburg, Holland. Here’s the info for this year:

“Digital Libraries à la Carte” — Tilburg University, The Netherlands, 25-29 August 2008

* Module 1: Strategic Developments and Library Management
* Module 2: Technological Developments – Threats and Opportunities
* Module 3a: Hands-on – Library 2.0
* Module 3b: Change – Making it Happen in Your Library
* Module 4: Libraries – Partners in Research and Open Access
* Module 5a: Libraries – Partners in Teaching and Learning
* Module 5b: Put Yourself in the DRIVER’s Seat – Practical Training for Building a European Repository Network

The course website can be found at www.tilburguniversity.nl/ticer/08carte/.