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TICER Summer School

Wow! It’s been two years since Jenny Levine and I served on the faculty at the TICER institute in Tilburg, Holland. Here’s the info for this year: “Digital Libraries à la Carte” — Tilburg University, The Netherlands, 25-29 August 2008 Modules: * Module 1: Strategic Developments and Library Management * Module 2: Technological Developments – Threats and Opportunities * Module 3a: Hands-on – Library 2.0 * Module 3b: Change – Making it Happen in Your Library * Module 4: Libraries – Partners in Research and Open Access * Module 5a: Libraries – Partners in Teaching and Learning * Module 5b: Put Yourself in […]

What are those Michaels up to?

What are those Michaels up to? | Originally uploaded by cindiann A personal shout out to my writing partner at LJ Mr. Michael Casey. We never get to see each other in person, so hanging out at CIL was pretty darn cool. Thanks to Cindi of the incredible photography skills as well for capturing this pic. It’s a little more artistic than the only other photo I have of Michael and I together: Seriously, a big shout out to my friend for inspiring me and getting me to think so much about organizational culture, libraries and tech.