Hello Batavia Illinois Public Library! 3

I just arrived in Batavia for my talk this evening at the public library for area librarians. Camping out at a very nice Panera Bread that has a community room! If you are attending the program tonight, please say hi.

3 thoughts on “Hello Batavia Illinois Public Library!

  • Pete

    Damn! I know I missed a good presentation Thursday night 4/17.

    I am a business consultant. A large part of my time is spent in research & testing business solutions. Although there are abundant books, periodicals, e-documentation in my line of work, I find myself asking, what can I find in my libarary. In the past 3 years I have found “solid” business materials in both the Batavia Library and the “Statewide Illinois Libarary Catalog.” So, with this recent awakening to the scope of library materials available to me, I’ve become even more curious about unknown library material resources.

    Since I missed your lecture, I did go to BPL and found “New Lyceum” handbill and your “Tame the Web” website. Yes, I’ll stay tuned to this website on more library research tools.

    Hope those that did attend appreciate the changing scope our library has to offer patrons.


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