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Thanks Cliff!

I think honoring the creativity and critical thinking of my colleagues and peers is very important. That’s one of the reasons I licensed The Hyperlinked Library completely under CC – I went out of my way to include every URL I could find and use only Flickr shots of my own or those noted as CC. I wanted to recognize all the folks that have inspired me as well as pass the work forward.  I was tickled to see this actually happen when Cindi trainor acknowledged the use of bits of THL in her own work. 🙂 So when i saw […]

NCSU Learning Commons

NCSU Learning Commons Originally uploaded by mstephens7 There’s just so much good here! Take a look at North Carolina State’s Learning Commons Web presence: http://www.lib.ncsu.edu/learningcommons/ Live computer availability Web cam of “The Brickyard” Flickr photos “We want your Ideas” for eboards Commenting form Borrow laptops, cameras, iPods, GPS units, etc I’m incorporating this and the Loyola Information Commons into my new talks. 

Find Romance…

Brad Czerniak writes to TTW: Anyway, seeing your most recent post in the series regarding signage, I was immediately reminded of a sign at my “work library”. It reads, “Find Romance by the Fireplace.” Context: Our romance novel section was relocated to pucks [obviously] by a fireplace. Now, in the old section (which now houses CD-ROMS of all things), we wanted to indicate where the items were moved to. Hence, the sign. Hope you enjoy this — have a great day! Thanks Brad! Great sign – fun, encouraging AND useful to users. TTW readers, please keep those signage examples coming.