TTW Mailbox: Promote Your Website Every Chance You Get!

Increase Library web

Dear Michael – I heard you speak a couple of weeks ago and I remember the slide you shared about library Web sites and the data from the OCLC Perceptions report. I think you said that the library URL should be on everything we send out of the library. Just today, the our library PR person was told “We need the library’s website on every single piece of paper and information that goes out to the door” … to which this person replied “We don’t do that. Historically, we’ve never done that.”

I emphasized how often I’ve heard that dictum from you and other leaders in the profession, and while getting my MLS, and how vitally basic and important that is. I doubt she heard me.

Sign Me, Frustrated at Un-named Library

Dear FAUL,

Absolutely, the URL should be anywhere and everywhere you can put — especially on promotional materials, fliers, giveaways and such. And make sure it’s a memorable one. We are a far cry from the days of library addresses like this: 🙂

The bigger worry I have is the fact that the person guiding your marketing — in effect selling the message and vision of your institution does not recognize that the library web site is the virtual branch, the online extension of the library, and hopefully the platform/clearinghouse for all of your outreach. I’m reminded of all of the times I’ve heard Sarah Houghton-Jan speak: “The library web site cannot be an afterthought!”

So, I hope she does eventually hear you. Good luck!