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Free Use Photos

http://librarytrainer.com/2008/04/18/announcing-free-use-photos-a-new-flickr-group/ How often do you need a quick photo to illustrate a point or concept? Are you ever concerned about the copyright restrictions? Well look no further! Inspired by Michael Casey and his 50 Reasons Not to Change post (and the comments that followed). Tony Tallent and I have created a Flickr group called Free Use Photos where all the photos are free and can be used with no restrictions. We encourage everyone in the library and education communities to join and share photos that can be used for displays, presentations, blogs, or any other imaginable use. Tony has already added some great photos to the group that […]

Making a case for Social Networking at Lester PL, A TTW Guest Post by Jeff Dawson

I recently had a Facebook conversation with Jeff Dawson, director of the Lester Public Library in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. I realized in our back and forth that his experience with creating and extending online presense for his library was the makings for a HOT TTW guest post: For example, the entire town knew I went to PLA (I think I left town as you were coming in… ). We are now running 2 blogs out of LPL, Blogging LPL is sustaining an average of roughly 3,000 hits a month and rising (I know my mom isn’t the only one looking […]

Innovation in Libraries: Marshall Shore Guest Lecture at LIS701

A couple of weeks ago, my LIS701: Introduction to libraries and Information Science class had an incredible treat. Marshall Shore, from the Maricopa County Library, was coming to Chicago and agreed to talk to my class about innovation and design thinking in libraries. You may have read about him here. Or listened to him here. Or viewed him here. Marshall talked about cool things the folks at his library have done with designing spaces and systems for users, including the Deweyless library. He also engaged the class with some ideas about taping into user wants, user behaviors and emerging trends. […]

StoryTubes & Creating Energy

A question came up at the end of my presentation at Batavia Public Library about using new technology and attracting customers to join libraries in that interactive experience. Denise Raleigh from Gail Borden Public Library just happened to be in the audience and she helped answer the question. It was such a great response, I asked her to do a TTW post. How can we make sure video contests and the like actually are successful? I can only answer for us. What we try to do is to make it easy for them to get involved. Storypalooza 2007 has grown into StoryTubes […]

Ahhhh Sweet Summer….

I just updated my Upcoming Presentations Page and I’m happy to say I’ve purposefully kept the summer clear of talks and travel. Since June 2004 when I started the doctoral program at UNT, I’ve been going non-stop. I am not teaching this summer as well. I have big plans: time at the lake, a mountain of books to devour, a hammock, and a chance to reconnect with family and friends. I’ll see many folks at ALA for sure..and may pick up a couple of talks, but I am ready for a needed break. Just three more weeks of grading…grading…grading.

Upcoming Presentations

May 2, 2008: Staff In Service Day, Warren Newport Public Library, Gurnee, Illinois May 6, 2008: The Hyperlinked Library: Trends, Tools, & TransparencyReference Librarians Association Annual Meeting May 8, 2008: SOLINET Annual Conference, Keynote. Atlanta, Georgia. May 13, 2008: After Learning 2.0: What’s Critical to Know, Virginia Beach Public Library, Virginia Beach, Virginia. June 29, 2008: ALA Annual. Empowerment Conference for Support Staff presentation with Jenny Levine.  

TTW Mailbox: Promote Your Website Every Chance You Get!

Dear Michael – I heard you speak a couple of weeks ago and I remember the slide you shared about library Web sites and the data from the OCLC Perceptions report. I think you said that the library URL should be on everything we send out of the library. Just today, the our library PR person was told “We need the library’s website on every single piece of paper and information that goes out to the door” … to which this person replied “We don’t do that. Historically, we’ve never done that.” I emphasized how often I’ve heard that dictum […]

Loyola University Information Commons

Last week, I had the pleasure of visiting and speaking at the new Loyola University Information Commons on the campus of Loyola University just north of Chicago. It was a blustery, rainy cold day along the lake, but the space and the library folk were warm and inviting. Before the visit, I checked out the Web site for the Commons, eager to read about the project.  Read the rest here: http://www.techsource.ala.org/blog/2008/04/student-centered-digital-learning-at-loyolas-information-commons.html