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Creative Commons, Copyright, and the Murky Middle

Michael casey weighs in on events and developments concerning the Creative Commons. Don’t miss the whole post: http://librarycrunch.com/?p=37 Watching all of this has forced me to conclude that I don’t particularly care for the Creative Commons license right now. I think I’ll either need to claim full copyright on my works, or I’ll do what Lori Reed and Tony Tallent have started doing, which is to permit full and free use of some of my works — I’ll have to do this on an image-by-image basis as there are many photos that I do not want reposted or reused. By claiming full […]

Living Library in the U.K.

living library in the U.K. | Originally uploaded by a-birdie Via Robin at LISNews: http://women.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_and_style/women/the_way_we_live/article3790377.ece Back in the shelving room, the conversation was alive with first impressions. “Have you been borrowed yet?” was an opening line; “How was it?” the inevitable follow-up. Sikh, a former film and TV producer (“wears weird headdress”, “smelly” – she didn’t and wasn’t) said that she was beginning to realise that everyone carried stories inside them but had little chance to tell them. “This is my chance to tell those stories,” she said, and was going to do so when a librarian appeared to take me […]