Thanks Warren Newport Public Library!

Friday I was tickled to spend the day with the staff at Warren Newport Public Library, in Gurnee, Illinois for their Staff In Service. The theme of the day was WNPL 2.0, so I think I was in the right place.

I was especially thrilled to customize THL for them, complete with slides that highlighted the cool things they are doing. One surprise was finding a Yelp review I was able to incorporate into the show:

I stayed for a nice lunch (complete with many vegetarian options), and watched a bit of the breakouts: gaming, DDR, video-making for YouTube and web 2.0 exploration. I appluad the planning team for the day, the library’s insightful director Stephen Bero, and the staff as a whole. They were engaged, curious and ready to explore.

Flickr Set here

The Hyperlinked Library: WNPL 2.0 are here.