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Can you help?

http://www.web2learning.net/archives/1715 Nicole writes: Karen Coyle has a great post on her site where she calls for help on creating “An easy, online, social library catalog.” Why another cataloging tool? Karen has recently returned from Kosovo where many of the library don’t have catalogs and certainly don’t have the resources to run many of the affordable solutions out there. Here’s Karen’s checklist: A social networking site where the society members are libraries, not individuals. The ability to capture copy cataloging from other libraries or create cataloging on the site itself. Full Unicode support, both for the interface and for the data. […]

Minds on Fire

Via one of the Dom Profs: http://www.educause.edu/ir/library/pdf/ERM0811.pdf Just downloaded to read. Looks great so far:   The most profound impact of the Internet is its ability to support and expand the various aspects of social learning.     

LOEX: Web 2.0 & Students

Don’t miss: http://blog.zsr.wfu.edu/pd/2008/05/02/roz-at-loex-teaching-web-20-to-students-15/ Their own Web 2.0 Awareness Survey 74 students Awarness of Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Blogs, Podcasts, Social tagging, Wikipedia, Other Wikis, RSS RSS had not heard of 92%, 0% had ever used Social Bookmarking 68% had not heard of Other Wikis 45% had not heard of Podcasts 51% had heard of but had not used 5% had blogs 8% had uploaded videos Audience discussed how their students compare – similar experiences — students are not seeing new technologies as ‘exciting’ the way librarians do….for them it’s like a new feature on a car — or a refrigerator….. Librarians […]

IM – A New Language

http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2008-05/ksu-ima050108.php# OMG! LOL. TTYL. For many adults over the age of 30, the former groupings of letters would seem incoherent, but for a newer generation of technologically-savvy young adults it can say a lot. “Instant messaging, or IM, is not just bad grammar or a bunch of mistakes,” says Dr. Pamela Takayoshi, Kent State University associate professor of English. “IM is a separate language form from formal English and has a common set of language features and standards.” Takayoshi, Kent State associate professor of English Dr. Christina Haas and four Kent State undergraduate researchers examined the language of instant messaging. […]

Micro Interactions + Direct Engagement

  | View | Upload your own   David Armano posts a presentation on Micro Interactions at his blog Logic+Emotion. I think he really taps into an important opportunity for libraries. Take a look and checkout his well-cited and well-crafted show. Don’t miss the points about consumer-generated content, Starbucks and lifestreaming. Does your library have a way to participate in your users’ lifestream?

Thanks Warren Newport Public Library!

  Staff Development Day at Warren Newport Public Library, Gurnee, Illinois, originally uploaded by mstephens7. Friday I was tickled to spend the day with the staff at Warren Newport Public Library, in Gurnee, Illinois for their Staff In Service. The theme of the day was WNPL 2.0, so I think I was in the right place. I was especially thrilled to customize THL for them, complete with slides that highlighted the cool things they are doing. One surprise was finding a Yelp review I was able to incorporate into the show: http://www.yelp.com/biz/warren-newport-public-library-gurnee I stayed for a nice lunch (complete with […]