jOPAC: OPAC Widget for Multiple Platforms

Via Hans Roes, Director of Information Resources and Multimedia at Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany:

The beta test of the IRC’s first Library 2.0 Widget: jOPAC. jOPAC allows searching the library catalogue within various other platforms, such as iGoogle, Netvibes, Windows Vista Sidebar, Macintosh Dashboard, etc. Further information and installation links can be found on

The jOPAC is an integrated OPAC widget. It eases searching the library catalogue by integrating it into various platforms, and it introduces some nice extras. A list of all platforms with installation links can be found below.

If you don’t use any of these platforms yet, we recommend iGoogle since it has received most development efforts so far. For this, simply click on this linkto add the jOPAC widget to your personalized google page.

The screenshot above is the jOPAC widget installed into my Netvibes portal pages. Pretty sharp and super fascinating. It intrigues me that students, staff and faculty at Jacobs could integrate this library resource directly into their own portals, etc at the desktop level.

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