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TTW Mailbox: Library Seeks to Save Coltrane House

Ellen Druda, at Half Hollow Hills Community Library, writes: A Love Supreme We are so excited here at the library to be part of the community effort to restore the last home of the brilliant jazz artist John Coltrane. John lived here in Dix Hills and it was in this house that he composed “A Love Supreme,” one of his best-known and most beloved works. One of our patrons, Steve Fulgoni, came to the rescue when the house was set for demolition, but now he needs our help bringing it back to life. The first step will be a computer in the library dedicated […]

Look Up – More from the Passion Quilt The best experiences you’ll ever have are the ones where you’re completely aware, if only for a moment. Look up. Look around. Look within. Be aware of it all. Last night I talked about the passion quilt as part of our final class in LIS701. I told them about the meme and what I wanted for them as students to bring into the profession. It will be very nice to use these sentiments again in future classes. Also, don’t miss the pool at Flickr: Created by Steve “Do it now” Lawson