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Coffee shop near campus, originally uploaded by theknittinglibrarian. theknittinglibrarian writes: A friend mentioned that a coffee shop near campus had new management, so I checked out their website. I was tickled to notice that they advertise their reference materials. Well played, Dr. Java! I frequent another coffee shop near campus […]

Coffee Shop Reference Materials

Don’t miss: http://librarygarden.blogspot.com..food-for-thought-….html Janie: Can you tell me about the background behind Food for Thought? In particular: What is your role? How did the idea get started for such a day? What were the original goals of the program for the organizing committee? Jon: The origins for Food For Thought […]

Food for Thought: University Library leads the Way

Had to post this comment up top from Lynette in Australia. She was responding to this: http://tametheweb.com/2008/06/05/wanting-feedback/ Many teachers and schools still see the need to “control learning” rather than sharing the learning experience with students, hence applications such as YouTube, Myspace, Facebook, etc… are blocked in educational facilities. Literacy […]

“Control Learning”

The preliminary program for Internet Librarian International is up! http://www.internet-librarian.com/index.php I’m very pleased to be presenting a workshop, session and participating in a panel discussion with my “Transparent Library” writing partner Michael Casey. There are some cool workshops, programs — AND — the Shanachies are keynoting on Friday! This is […]

See You in London!

Don’t miss this conversation with Helene Blowers, part of the Allen County Public Library’s ongoing video series. Her points about unplugging and leadership are spot on. I was lucky to get to do this as well last December: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzBC8q_hTHY, as did Stephen Abram: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dd_7VZF5kyk.

ACPL Conversation with Helene Blowers