Virtual world libraries : Challenges & Strategies



Introduction: Me., originally uploaded by Timothy Greig.

Today I collaborated (virtually and in person) with three other Second Life educators to present a session on Libraries and Second Life at theTELSIG National Seminar which is being held in Palmerston North today and tomorrow.

I was incredibly nervous, and we were all crossing our fingers and toes that there wouldn’t be technology hitches – but all in all – even though there was the odd hiccup, I think it went pretty well! Everyone I spoke to afterwards had such nice things to say.

I gave a ‘mixed world‘ talk, with my slides and avatar in Second Life, but not managing to get out of standing up in front of 80 or so librarians! My talk was (of course) about my INFO580 research project “Second Life Libraries: Challenges and Strategies“. I had prepared lots more to say than I had the time to talk about, so I’m really glad I prepared a full transcript of my talk as a set on flickr for anyone interested in experiencing everything! (Of course, if you’re really keen you could read the whole report, or you could also check out my earlier presentation about Digital Libraries!)
The presentation is available via a Flickr set:
I’ve see a lot of good research in the past few months centered on Second Life.Is someone gathering all of these projects in one place?