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Michael and I scouted out the convention center yesterday

    Michael and I scouted out the convention center yesterday, originally uploaded by The Shifted Librarian. Oh! I should have done this post first! Hello to all attending ALA2008. Please say hi if you see me out and about. I’ll be attending the Movers & Shakers lunch, the Scholarship Bash and the LIS Schools Reception. Jenny and I are presenting at the Empowerment conference Sunday morning – bright and early!

Virtual world libraries : Challenges & Strategies

    Introduction: Me., originally uploaded by Timothy Greig. http://timothygreig.com/archives/131 Timothy Grieg, who I’ve followed for a while as he worked on his Masters project, writes: Today I collaborated (virtually and in person) with three other Second Life educators to present a session on Libraries and Second Life at theTELSIG National Seminar which is being held in Palmerston North today and tomorrow. I was incredibly nervous, and we were all crossing our fingers and toes that there wouldn’t be technology hitches – but all in all – even though there was the odd hiccup, I think it went pretty well! Everyone […]