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Evette Atkins and Steven Bowers

     Evette Atkins and Steven Bowers, originally uploaded by Library Journal. 2008 Movers & Shakers Evette Atkins and Steven Bowers, who attended high school together, share a page and a table at LJ’s Movers & Shakers lunch. Check the 2008 ALA Annual Conference page for more live coverage: libraryjournal.com/ala2008

Reinvention: Matt Gullett Takes a Leap

Helene Blowers pointed to Matt Gullet’s post about moving to the great Northwest: Lastly, some may look at this move and say that is crazy, risky, stupid, etc. He is flying without a parachute or a net. Yes, I agree to some extent that doing this is a bit risky, but sometimes in life we need to do things a bit different by trusting and have some faith that things will work out. Library culture isn’t typically a place that handles risk well, but on the other hand that is the nature of a library (a stable place and space). […]