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Equinox is Hiring! (like Thai Food?)

Reminder: we here at Equinox have three (yes, three!) positions available for “Systems Developer, Library Automation Applications.” Do you have a passion for libraries, or even just for organizing all the information you come into contact with? Does working with a small, agile team of software designers and developers to create unique and successful solutions to interesting problems sound more like a hobby than a job? (Do you like Thai food? We have a very decent Thai restaurant nearby. But if you don’t, apply anyway!) Equinox is looking for self-motivated, enthusiastic software developers to join the Equinox R&D team. If […]

Twitter: Love it or Hate It?

I have a new post up at ALA TechSource: http://www.alatechsource.org/blog/2008/07/the-ala-annual-tweet-report.html And, I must confess: I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the ALA Annual 2008 Twitterverse that sprang up for those few days in late June. It fascinated me to see the power of such a simple and, yes, overburdened, tool. Micro-blogging has found a place amongst LIS workers and even through outages and downtime, the tweets from ALA marched on. “I credit Twitter for helping make this my best ALA yet. More connected. Too many people to see, places to be, but I read tweets,” responded Brenda Hough to my tweeted requests for […]

Google & the Law

http://www.librarian.net/stax/2326/why-search-and-search-engine-law-matters/ Jessamyn writes: My friend, lawyer and law professor James Grimmelmann, has written a short interesting article called The Google Dilemma about why people should care very much about how search engines work and what regulations and laws guide them. Using a few examples which may be familiar to many librarians he makes a great case for why corporate policy at Google matters and why people shoudl understand how Google works generally. If the Internet is a gigantic library, and search engines are its card catalog, then Google has let the Chinese government throw out the cards corresponding to books it doesn’t […]