SLJ’s All Together Now: Learning 2.0 Thing #1 (Updated)

I am on my way to Traverse City, but lunch at Panera in Grand Rapids and the chance for some wifi beckoned. I also was interested in checking in with the SLJ All Together Now: Learning 2.0 program. I launched Thing #1 today Blogs:

With the help of Blake Carver and Kyle Jones, we set up a companion blog site here at TTW to gather all of the participants’ blog URLs. I was tickled (Oh My! That was a horrid typo – I meant TICKLED for sure!!!)to see the first one entered came from Australia! The site is running smoothly on WP 2.6. I took inspiration from things that Aaron Schmidt, Jessamyn West and Casey Bison had done with WP for this.

If you are following the program, please go there and submit a short bio and your blog URL. 🙂

I got rather fired up this morning about this program. I am looking forward to the next six weeks with the folks who choose to follow along. I’ll post here and there with updates.

SLJ has had some server ups and downs the past couple of days, so please be patient if things seem weird.