“Write for the person on the other side of the monitor.”

Nice piece at CopyBlogger called “I Don’t Care About You” at http://www.copyblogger.com/who-cares/

There ate insights here for those who write blog posts for their libraries and all of us who blog. Good stuff.

Egotistical Marketing

We’re an egotistical bunch, aren’t we?

We love to talk about ourselves. We want to tell people how wonderful we are and blather on about how much they need us.

We ramble uselessly about our innovative products and excellent services. We’re all about us.

Want a tip? They don’t care about us.

They care about themselves.

Let’s Talk About You

For content to be effective, it has to be about “you” (as in them), not “we” (as in your company). Most businesses get this wrong, and every sentence (or almost) begins with “we.”

“We do this. We offer that. We, we, we…” all the way home.

Touting your own qualities and greatness has its place, but it can also be a huge mistake.

Want to avoid it?

Flip that attitude 180 degrees. Direct all your attention at the prospect.

What’s the number one rule of engaging people in conversation?

Don’t talk at them; talk about them. People love to discuss themselves. They love hearing about themselves even more. They want to feel as if someone cares… someone who’s listening to and acknowledging them.

People want to hear you hearing them.