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Freedom to Install

Kyle, a TTW contributor, blogs at The Corkboard: As I gear up to do the annual fall round of computer imaging/updates to all the public terminals it gives me time to reflect on MPOW’s approach to academic computing: if they need it, get it for ‘em. Our library has full control over our default setup for our machines, including: Operating system choices (XP, Vista, or, heck, why not both?) Browsers, we’ve got three! (FF, IE7, Safari, and we’d add more if requested) Open-source goodness (7Zip, Nvu, Open-Office, etc.) Office suite, we run ‘03 and ‘07 (and we’re the only place […]

How Can Libraries Use the Cloud?

  I’ve been using Apple’s .mac service for years, since 2001 as a matter of fact. The recent upgrade from .Mac to MobileMe has garnered a lot of press for the problems, breakdowns and failures of the service meant to “push” data to my iPhone, my Macs and to the service itself, described as a “cloud.” Luckily I haven’t had much issue with the upgrade/switchover. I will say, however, that I think for a couple of weeks in July some emails I sent took a long time to get where they were going as did some I received. Compared to […]