Keeping the Library Relevant: A Visit to Georgia Tech Library

Bob also outlined some organizational changes–staff across the library were “repurposed” as 8 service points were reduced to 3.

Fox, Mathews and the other folks at Tech took the important step of convening a focus group to ask students what they wanted in the library. The list Bob shared was fascinating:

  • Students want a comfortable, attractive space
  • Students want refreshments
  • Students want access to all types of  information technology in library space
  • Students want flexible space for use in the library
  • Want to feel ownership of the library

These results lead to the creation of spaces in the Learning Commons East and West that were inspiring, useful and flexible. We talked about creating an experience for students, making the library a memorable place. Bob said one goal would always be to “engage students from the beginning.” I was reminded of the Welcome event Brian write about: poker, DDR, speed dating and more welcomed freshman to the library!

One thing Bob kept emphasizing: 

“We don’t build walls here.”

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